Steve Parr


Music (19)

Boy A 2008 (Movie)

Re-Recording Mixer(Hear No Evil) (Music)

John Adams 2008 (Tv Show)

Score Mixing

A Mighty Heart 2007 (Movie)

Music Recordist (Music)

Best Man, Worst Friend 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)


If Only 2005 - 2006 (TV Show)

Music Engineer

Only Human 2006 (Movie)

(Music Engineer)

Silence Becomes You 2006 (Movie)

Score Mixer (Score Mixing)

Silence Becomes You 2006 (Movie)

Score Recorder (Score Recording)

Stockpile: The Nuclear Menace 2001 - 2002 (TV Show)


High Heels and Low Lives 2001 (Movie)

song mixer("High Heels & Low Life") (Song)

100 Days 2000 (Movie)


My Son the Fanatic 1999 (Movie)

music recordist/mixer(Hear No Evil) (Music)

Tea With Mussolini 1999 (Movie)

music mixer (Music)

Divorcing Jack 1998 (Movie)

original score mixer (Original Score)

Love and Death on Long Island 1998 (Movie)

music mixer (Music)

Food of Love 1997 (Movie)

music recordist (Music)

Cold Comfort Farm 1996 (Movie)

music recording engineer (Music)

Society 1992 (Movie)

music engineer (Music)

Society 1992 (Movie)

song producer("Tonight") (Song)
Sound (6)

Going Off, Big Time 1999 (Movie)

(Sound Engineer)

I Want You 1999 (Movie)

sound recordist & mixer (Sound Recordist)

The Debt Collector 1999 (Movie)

mixer (Sound Mixer)

The Secret Policeman's Third Ball 1987 (Movie)

soundtrack producer (Sound)

Frontline: Storm Over Everest (TV Show)

Recording Engineer

The Ruby in the Smoke (TV Show)

Other (4)

Very Annie Mary 2002 (Movie)

engineer (Other)

High Heels and Low Lives 2001 (Movie)

engineer (Other)

Strong Boys 2001 (Movie)

mix engineer (Other)

The Martins 2001 (Movie)

(music) enginee) (Other)