Steve Smith


Music (21)

Low Down 2014 (Movie)

("Zutty's Hootie Blues") (Song)

50/50 2011 (Movie)

(Score Mixing)

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards 2010 - 2011 (TV Show)

Music Coordinator

Let Me In 2010 (Movie)

Scoring Mixer (Score Mixing)

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards 2009 - 2010 (TV Show)

Music Coordinator

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 (Movie)

Orchestrator (Original Music)

Blonde and Blonder 2008 (Movie)

("Big No") (Song)

Charlie Bartlett 2008 (Movie)

Music Preparation(Joann Kane Music Services) (Music)

Standoff 2007 (Tv Show)

Theme Music

Running Scared 2006 (Movie)

("I Should Know") (Song)

Runaway Jury 2003 (Movie)

Additional Recordings (Score Recording)

The Art of War 2000 (Movie)

score recording engineer (Music)

Lansky 1999 (Movie)

music rerecording assistant (Music)

The Astronaut's Wife 1999 (Movie)

music recording/mixing assistant (Music)

Hype! 1996 (Movie)

live music recording engineer(Remote Control) (Music)

Georgia 1995 (Movie)

musician (Music)

Christmas With the Gatlins 1991 - 1992 (TV Show)

Song Performer

Singles 1992 (Movie)

song producer("Battle of Evermore") (Song)

Livin' Large 1988 - 1989 (TV Show)


The Party Animal 1984 (Movie)

music consultant (Music)

Eve's Christmas (TV Show)