Steven K Thompson


Visual Effects & Animation (3)

Pooh's Heffalump Movie 2005 (Movie)

Clean-Up Artist (CGI Artist)

Home on the Range 2004 (Movie)

Assistant(Maggie) (Clean-Up Animation) (Animator)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 (Movie)

breakdown clean-up animation("Gypsies Guards & Others") (Animator)
Other (7)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas 2003 (Movie)

(Kale) (Assistant)

Way Off Broadway 2003 (Movie)

(Production Assistant)

Treasure Planet 2002 (Movie)

(Pirate Crew) (Clean-Up Animation) (Assistant)

The Emperor's New Groove 2000 (Movie)

breakdown(clean-up animation "Kronk") (Other)

Tarzan 1999 (Movie)

breakdown(clean-up animation "Porter") (Other)

Mulan 1998 (Movie)

breakdown(additional clean-up animation) (Other)

Hercules 1997 (Movie)

breakdown(Pain & Panic/clean-up animation) (Other)