Streisand injured massaging De Niro

The veteran actress starred alongside De Niro in the 2004 comedy, in which she plays a free-spirited sex therapist, and the actor demanded she put her all into body rub scene, prompting her to climb onto his back.

But Streisand was forced to halt filming after she injured her fingers forcefully kneading De Niro’s torso.

She tells U.K. TV talk show host Jonathan Ross, “That was an idea I had, I thought I should have a scene with De Niro, so they wrote that in at the last minute.

“He kept saying, ‘Do it harder, harder!’ I’m not a real masseuse! I’ll tell you the truth – I sprained both thumbs. I had to have cortisone shots (in my fingers). I got twitches and and I couldn’t move them. That’s method acting!”