15 Suggestions for Next Year’s Sexiest Man Alive

Chris Hemsworth was chosen as People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, and we can’t really argue with that. He’s tall, blonde and handsome. He’s Australian and he plays a freakin’ god in the Marvel universe. So yes, we are very satisfied. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a head start on next year’s choice, and boy do we have suggestions!

1. Joe Manganiello


Um. That body. Sofia Vergara knows what we’re talking about.

2. Chris Pratt


Many believed he’d take the title this year, given the success of Guardians of the Galaxy (and his workout routine), but maybe next year is his year.

3. Ryan Gosling


Even though he’s reportedly turned down the title before, we still think he’d make a great choice. He’s been making women swoon since The Notebook.

4. Michael Fassbender


Have you seen Shame? ‘Nuff said.

5. Idris Elba


We’ve yet to find one person who doesn’t find Idris Elba attractive. He needs more magazine covers, stat.

6. Jamie Dornan


He’s about to play one of the sexiest book characters – Christian Grey. Depending on how well the movie is received (and we’re betting very well), he could definitely be a contender for the title.

7. Justin Timberlake


It’s weird that Adam Levine has gotten the title, but not Justin. People should probably fix that.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch


He’s already been dubbed the “Internet’s boyfriend,” so why not make the Cumberb*tches happy?

 9. Kit Harrington


Despite what’s been said on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow does know a thing or two. Like how to be all brooding and sexy.

10. Alexander Skarsgard


We miss getting our fair share of Skarsgard nudity on True Blood, but we’d gladly settle for a nice Sexiest Man Alive photo spread of this Swedish hottie.

11. Jon Hamm


Next year marks the last season of Mad Men, so it would be a fitting send-off to reward our favorite ad man with the honor of Sexiest Man Alive. 

12. Michael B. Jordan


We loved him in Friday Night Lights, he was fantastic in Fruitvale Station, and next year he’ll be granted superhero status in The Fantastic Four reboot. Mark our words: He’s gonna be huge

13. Leonardo DiCaprio


Much like the elusive Oscar, the title of Sexiest Man Alive has missed DiCaprio. If he’s not getting an Academy Award, at least give him this. He’s not getting any younger!

14. Colin Farrell


He’s one of the sexiest, most underrated actors out there. He deserves some love.

15. Liam Hemsworth


We’d be cool if People decided to keep it in the family next year.

Who would YOU choose? Tell us on Twitter!