Supermodel, Supermom: 5 Reasons To Love Miranda Kerr

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Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr was recently named one of the highest-paid models in the industry, second only to Gisele Bündchen. She is, for all intents and purposes, perfect. No, seriously. She’s this beautiful woman, with a beautiful family (her hubby is Orlando Bloom and their son Flynn is adorable); she’s making tons of money, and she somehow manages to come off completely and totally down-to-earth. Because of her commitment to spiritual and physical health, Miranda is constantly promoting both inner and outer beauty to her fans on her Instagram page. The divas of the world are fun, but Miranda Kerr is is something else. Here are five reasons you can’t help but love the supermodel, super mom.

She Practices Buddhism

If you Google ‘Miranda Kerr,’ you will be bombarded with a gazillion images of her out and about in the streets of NYC, as photographed by the paparazzi. In these images you will never see her flipping off the paparazzi, or looking the least bit perturbed. Even with little baby Flynn on her hip, she literally always has a smile on her face. At first you might assume that it’s because she’s a model (and therefore camera-ready at all times), but Miranda’s sweet disposition probably has more to do with the fact that she practices Nichiren Buddhism. Between her diet, meditation, and yoga routine it’s no wonder this woman always appears to be at peace with the world.

The Hair Is Everything

Miranda has said that the secret to her flawless hair is coconut oil. Whatever it is, this Vine she posted on Instagram tells us that it’s working over time.

Started Her Own Organic Makeup Line

The best news about Miranda Kerr is that you can totally, kinda look just like her if you hook yourself up with her products. KORA Organics is her makeup line, and of course the products are made using completely organic and natural ingredients. 

She Has A Brilliant YouTube Series With NET-A-PORTER

Without a doubt, you will feel 100 times healthier just watching her Nutrition episode on The Body Beautiful series. Miranda is not just here to be a pretty face! She considers it her duty to spread the good word about healthy living.

She’s A Kid At Heart

Yes, she’s one of the most beautiful people in the world and — sadly — that means she could get away with having no personality whatsoever. But check out that Vine! Nobody who laughs like that at a mini electronic helicopter is sans personality. She’s awesome, and the fact that she’s a kid at heart tells us that she’s most likely an amazing mother as well.

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