Susan Sarandon Calls the Pope a ‘Nazi’

Susan Sarandon was never one to hold her tongue when it comes to politics or — well, anything else for that matter — but it looks like she took it one step too far in her latest outburst. During an onstage interview for the Hamptons Film Festival last Saturday, the 63-year-old actress slammed the current head of the Catholic Church by calling him a “Nazi.” According to Newsday, the insult came during a discussion of Dead Man Walking, the 1995 film where she starred as the real-life Sister Helen Prejean. Sarandon mentioned she sent a copy of Prejean’s original book (which advocates against the death penalty) to the Pope, clarifying, “The last one. Not this Nazi one we have now.” After her fellow actor, Bob Balaban, tried to gently scold Sarandon for her remarks, she apparently went on to simply repeat the statement again, while showing no remorse.

I get that Sarandon is now reaching the point in her life where she just doesn’t care what people think about her anymore, but she’s kinda going over the line with stuff like this. If she wants to be a world-renowned cougar with a passion for ping pong (she’s an investor in the ping pong parlor, SPiN), that’s totally fine, but describing a widely celebrated religious figure in that way is a bit inappropriate. And this little stunt could come with some consequences: during the Cannes Film Festival last May, director Lars von Trier jokingly referred to himself as a Nazi, and he was banned from the event. Von Trier no longer talks to the media, and perhaps Sarandon will meet the same fate.

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Source: US, Newsday