Susie Porter


Actor (15)

The Turning 2013 (Movie)

Carol Lang (Actor)

Summer Coda 2010 (Movie)


Little Fish 2006 (Movie)

Jenny (Actor)

The Caterpillar Wish 2006 (Movie)

Susan Woodbridge (Actor)

Teesh & Trude 2003 (Movie)

Liteesha (Teesh) (Actor)

Amy 2001 (Movie)

Amy Buchanan (Actor)

Better Than Sex 2001 (Movie)

Cin (Actor)

Mullet 2001 (Movie)

Tully (Actor)

The Monkey's Mask 2001 (Movie)

Jill Fitzpatrick (Actor)

Bootmen 2000 (Movie)

Sara (Actor)

Feeling Sexy 1998 (Movie)

Vicki (Actor)

Two Hands 1998 (Movie)

Deidre Fletcher (Actor)

Welcome to Woop Woop 1998 (Movie)

Angie (Actor)

Idiot Box 1997 (Movie)

Betty (Actor)

Paradise Road 1997 (Movie)

Oggi (Actor)