Sylvester Stallone’s 36-Year-Old Son Found Dead

Sage StalloneSage Stallone, actor and son of fellow actor Sylvester Stallone has passed away at the age of 36. His attorney, George Braunstein, confirmed the news to The New York Post. The reasons for his death have yet to be confirmed, but Braunstein explained that things were going well for Stallone, and that “he was planning on getting married” and “working on all kinds of projects … He was an extremely wonderful, loving guy. This is a tragedy.”

Having made his acting debut in his father’s 1990 film Rocky V, he continued to dabble in the field, again working with his father in 1996’s Daylight. Stallone’s father is currently at San Diego’s Comic-Con promoting The Expendables 2 at the time of death. Rep for Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Bega, confirmed Sage Stallone’s death to and released the following statement: “Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son Sage Stallone. His compassion and thoughts are with Sage’s mother, Sasha. Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man, his loss will be felt forever.”



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