T.I. Released From Atlanta Halfway House

There’s been a lot of back and forth between T.I. and the big house. First he was released to a halfway house, then he was taken back to jail, only to be later sent to the halfway house again. It all seems like a huge waste of time and a lot of unnecessary gas mileage (we’re trying to Go Green here people). But it looks like we no longer have to worry about the rapper being a human ping pong game anymore because he was just released from an Atlanta halfway house earlier this morning. So after spending almost a year in federal prison for a drug-related parole violation, the hit artist is now a free man….let’s hope it stays that way.

What does he plan to do with his new-found freedom? First, he and his wife will be going to his mother’s home in Atlanta for a private celebration. “We just want to be together as a family tonight,” said his mother-in-law, Diane Pope. He will also be teaming up with Amar’e Stoudemire to host the A King of Oneself brunch on Sunday, which will celebrate men’s fashion and hip-hop. Guests of the event will have the pleasure of watching a documentary all about T.I., called Salute the King, which includes videos submitted by his fans. And let’s not forget about his VH1 reality show coming out in December. Looks like he has quite the busy schedule lined up. Set your DVRs accordingly.

Click on the image below for more photos of T.I.


Source: E!