T-Shirt Mania

The phrase “high-end t-shirts” may seem oxymoronic, but celebs these days are flaunting their favorite tees as if they’re the new must-have accessories.

And it’s often a two-way street: A-listers parade their messages and/or brand of choice, while the designers of the shirts sit back and wait for demand to explode as a result.

Celebrities make for the best form of advertisements, and they can be comfortable in the process since today’s more forgiving dress code has turned t-shirts into the most versatile wardrobe staple. Which is one of many reasons the high-end shirts are so adored by celebs.

Another reason is that in this, the retro 21st century–paying homage to mostly the ‘80s–the shirts offer a vintage appeal. Perhaps started by starving rock bands out of necessity, the “vintage” trend has taken the nation and its trend followers by storm. And the ever-popular t-shirts sometimes display funny–either ironically or shockingly straightforwardly–messages.

Popular message tees have ranged from “Free Winona”–popular back when Ryder was a courtroom fixture, which means the shirt is bound for a comeback circa 2025–to the obscenities that have emblazoned the shirts of big-name starlets trying to get back at an ex.

The latest to be afflicted with t-shirt fever? Robin Williams. The R.V. star was seen wearing a shirt from the MomiMomi spring line just last night on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia.

For the manic comedian to go all comfy-casual on us, the shirts must be the next big thing–or caffeinated!