Tara Reid Admits She Was ‘Never Really Married’

Tara Reid Admits She Was ‘Never Really Married’

Tara Reid
Tara Reid shops at Fred Segal in West Hollywood with friends. Los Angeles, CA. 05-26-2011

Witness the greatest non-marriage in history! Remember in August when Tara Reid got engaged and married all in the same day to her boyfriend, Zack Kehayov? You should since she tweeted about it practically non-stop. Well, it turns out that the marriage was a complete sham and didn’t actually happen at all. How do we know this to be true? A TMZ worker got the confession straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Yesterday, a camera guy greeted a slightly groggy (less than sober) Tara in LAX and asked if she and her hubby would win if they appeared on The Newlywed Game. That’s when the actress let the news slip and replied/slurred, “No, we would lose. Because we were never really married.”

Now I know she doesn’t appear to be in the right state of mind to be walking, let alone having an impromptu interview, so one could argue that these ravings are simply due to lack of sleep (or sobriety). Something tells me though that there could be an air of truth to all this. When celebrities aren’t getting the right kind of attention, they tend to seek out the wrong kind of attention and become willing to say anything to make headlines (see Lindsay Lohan). Tara hasn’t been relevant since back when American Pie was still cool, so this was probably her best attempt at a PR stunt, as sad as it may be. Tara nor her rep have issued a statement since she clarified that her “marriage” was fake…but that could just be because she’s catching up on her sleep. It looks like she needed it…

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Source: TMZ