Tara Reid Gets Engaged and Married in the Same Day

tara reidNow I’ve heard about killing two birds with one stone, but some people are taking the saying to extremes. Tara Reid decided to marry her boyfriend, Zack Kehayov, in Greece merely hours after the couple became engaged to one another on Saturday. I know relationships work fast in Hollywood, but it seems like this one might set a record as to the shortest engagement ever — and that’s saying something in this industry. They haven’t really even been dating very long either, but when has that ever stopped any of these celebs before?

Reid tweeted on Saturday announcing, “I just got engaged!” And sure enough, within a few hours she turned to the social media site to express her excitement of walking down the aisle proclaiming, “Just got married in Greece. I love being a wife!” Well sure, it’s all fun and games for the first hour, but let’s see how you do when he expects you to have dinner ready and waiting when he gets home. One could wonder what the huge rush was to tie the knot. I mean, by doing it this way they missed out on all the anticipation to the big day, not to mention all the presents they would’ve received at the bridal shower. Plus she totally cheated him out of a bachelor party, which I think is just cruel. This was Reid’s third engagement: she was previously engaged to Internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann in 2010, and The Voice host Carson Daly in 2001. I guess it makes sense then why she didn’t want to prolong this engagement — it gave both of them very little opportunity to change their minds. All the makings of a happy, healthy marriage.

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Source: US