Taryn Manning

Actor, Singer, Dancer
A gifted character actress-musician, Taryn Manning channeled her real-life traumatic childhood into a series of powerfully realized roles as troubled young women in "crazy/beautiful" (2001), "Crossroads" (2002), "White ... Read more »
Born: 11/06/1978 in Tucson, Arizona, USA


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Unbeatable Harold 2009 (Movie)

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Crossroads 2002 (Movie)

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A gifted character actress-musician, Taryn Manning channeled her real-life traumatic childhood into a series of powerfully realized roles as troubled young women in "crazy/beautiful" (2001), "Crossroads" (2002), "White Oleander" (2002), "8 Mile" (2002) and "Cold Mountain" (2003). Manning broke through with an impressive supporting role as a hard-luck hooker loyal to her pimp (Terrence Howard) in the Oscar-winning "Hustle & Flow" (2005), which sparked serious award talk for the actress. Besides running her own clothing line, Born Uniqorn, she also teamed with her brother Kellin to form the electro-duo Boomkat, who topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts with "The Wreckoning." Settling into character work, she impressed with recurring roles on "Sons of Anarchy" (FX, 2008- ) and "Hawaii Five-0" (CBS, 2010- ) and recorded her first solo album, Freedom City, in 2012. Although she was most frequently cast as desperate, damaged women, Taryn Manning proved herself to be an entertainer of depth and range both musically as well as dramatically.


Clifton Collins Jr. Actor

Dated 2007 No longer together

Sharyn Manning

Divorced from Manning's father c. 1981 worked two jobs to support her children

Kellin Manning

Born c. 1973 with Manning formed the band BoomK.A.T. wrote "Bein' Bad," the song Taryn sang in "crazy/beautiful" and which was played on the soundtrack of "Crossroads"


Orange County High School of the Arts

Los Alamitos , California



Co-starred opposite Helen Mirren in "Love Ranch," based on the true story of a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada


Landed recurring role on CBS' "Hawaii Five-O" reboot


Appeared on FX drama "Sons of Anarchy"


Starred in the Allan Moyle directed "Weirdsville" with Wes Bentley and Scott Speedman


Cast opposite Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet in the romantic comedy "A Lot Like Love"


Starred in Craig Brewer's "Hustle & Flow" opposite Terrence Dashon Howard


Appeared in Anthony Minghella's war epic "Cold Mountian"


Boomkat released debut album Boomkatalog.One


Formed electro-pop duo Boomkat with brother Kellin


Played rapper Eminem's former girlfriend in his semi-autobiographical feature acting debut "8 Mile"


Starred opposite Britney Spears in the coming-of-age road trip drama "Crossroads"


Guest starred on episodes of "Boston Public" (Fox) and "NYPD Blue" (ABC)


Portrayed Kirsten Dunst's drug-addled best friend in the teen drama "Crazy/Beautiful"


Acted in the Fox TV-movie drama "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"


Appeared as a groupie in "Come On, Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story" (ABC)


Appeared in the drama feature "Speedway Junky"


Cast in recurring role on short-lived Fox series "Get Real"

Spent early childhood in Tucson, AZ

Relocated with family to Cardiff, CA at age 12

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"I don't think I'm at a place yet where people are going to say, 'Here's a part for you, Taryn.' I think I still have a lot to prove to people. I just need to pound the pavement. I feel really lucky that I've landed these major roles, but for now I'm going to rehearse with my band and try to get another part." – Manning to Venice magazine, July 2001


Manning formed the electro-pop outfit Boomkat with her brother Kellin. The group release its debut album titled Boomkatalog.One in 2003.


"I wasn't any good when I started. I didn't have it at all. But now I have the confidence to speak as a character would, to make a character my own. Acting is a very simple, sincere thing. If you pretend there are no cameras there, you just get into it." – Manning quoted in Film Comment, January/February 2002


Manning on her father's suicide to The Daily Telegraph (March 20, 2002): "We weren't speaking at the time and that's something I've had to deal with. It was horrible. He'd just come out of rehabilitation and started drinking again. I think he was so mad he'd let himself down again. The next few years were weird: stuff I can't really remember. I also suffer from demons sometimes but I'm smart enough to know life gets better and not every day is a bad day, it's already such a short life."


"I am a little different. I am a little rough around the edges. And in this town, if you stand out in a different way than just being beautiful, you have a better chance, I think." – Manning quoted in Movieline magazine, May 2002


"She doesn't look like anyone else. Her voice is a little off, her look's a little off – she has flaws and that's what makes her so special." – director John Stockwell on Manning, quoted in Premiere magazine, May 2003


Manning was an Arizona state karate champion.She was a third-degree green belt.


"There are some people who put on trashy like a wardrobe, and Taryn can play those roles with dignity and earnestness," he marvels. "You look at her and it puts you in a very different place. You want to protect her and care for her – and then," a naughty inflection emerges. "You wanna f*ck her, too." – director Craig Brewer quoted in