Taylor Swift Fan Contest Canceled When Creepy 39-Year-Old Man Wins

Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN

Taylor Swift (or at least her team) knew there was trouble as soon as a middle-aged man won her “Biggest Fan” contest, hosted by Boston radio station Kiss 108. The station clearly didn’t mean the word “biggest” literally. 

According to The Huffington Post, a 39-year-old man won the sweepstakes — which featured a grand prize of meeting Ms. TSwift herself — after trolling Reddit and 4chan for votes. His stated goal was to sniff Swift’s golden locks on camera. Which is gross. 

Kiss 108 announced the contest’s cancelation on its website with the statement, “Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the ‘Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan’ contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated. We apologize to all of our loyal listeners who have participated.”

We know we’ve complained about Swift acting too young for her age before, but this is the other extreme. Middle-aged men should never use Internet deception to entrap 23-year-old women — like ever. 

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