Taylor Swift Goes Off On Kanye After Kim Kardashian Leaks “Famous” Phone Call


Well, this is actually pretty out of character for Taylor Swift. Unlike her ex Calvin Harris, the starlet isn’t normally one to engage in a good, old fashioned Twitter rant. We love us a celebrity feud, but Swifty usually stays out of it — at least on social media.

Apparently, the pop star has changed her tune. After Kim Kardashian recently posted a Snapchat of Kanye West’s conversation with the singer regarding the song “Famous,” Swift has finally spoken out. She posted the following tweet shortly after midnight, EST:

Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s feud is one that’s been burning since 2009. A few weeks ago, it was reignited when Kanye released a song called “Famous” with the lyrics “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous.” Swift was offended by the lyrics (rightly so), but Kardashian claimed Swift had approved the line even though she was playing the victim.

Kardashian claimed the phone conversation where she approved the lyrics was recorded, but she didn’t release it to the public — until now, that is. Of course. The reality TV star recently uploaded snippets of the phone call to her insanely popular Snapchat.

Does anyone else think that seems like a dirty move? Mostly, we thought the parties involved were over it by now. Swift certainly didn’t seem too bothered when she was making out with Tom Hiddleston on the beach.

In the phone call, you can see that Kanye asks Swift about some lyrics and an idea for the song. Is it the lyrics? We’re not sure. She seems appreciative for the heads up, but we did notice one thing that’s sort of sketchy. Kanye never says he’s going to call Taylor “that bitch.” We’d be pretty angry about that, too.

Of course, Swift has more important things to focus on, and it appears that a bored Kardashian just wants to watch the world burn because, apparently, she isn’t busy enough running her media empire (or whatever it is that she does). Mostly, we just want this feud to go away.

Can’t Kanye and Taylor hate each other in silence? Also, Taylor Swift’s publicist must be exhausted.


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