Taylor Swift Goes To Jury Duty And Pretends She’s A Regular, Relatable Person


Forget the private jets, the hunky, British, movie star boyfriend and the millions and millions of dollars — Taylor Swift is just like us. Sort of. Okay, what does that even mean? Taylor Swift doesn’t know anymore. Taylor Swift the brand is still relatable, right? She’s still regular, old Tay from the regular, old Pennsylvania suburbs, right? Everyone has a private jet, don’t they? You don’t have a private jet? Oh gosh, you don’t know what you’re missing! You must try it sometime.

In effort to prove she’s totally a real human being who has to do real human things, Taylor Swift attended jury duty in Nashville (or maybe she was just following the law, who knows?). Of course, because it’s Taylor Swift and she probably makes more money while going to the bathroom that we make in our lifetimes, Swiftie’s fellow jurors were shocked to be graced with her presence.

Because Taylor Swift is a totally real person, who’s, like, totally down to Earth, the singer didn’t even wear makeup when she knows she can’t even clean her cat’s kitty litter without it being highly publicized. 

The weirdest part of this whole thing is that Swiftie was psyched to be there. For Swift, hanging out at jury duty is like playing dressing up, but instead of dressing up, you’re dressing down. Look how well she blends in with the commoners. That chic lob can turn soccer mom so quickly!

It’s probably a bit of relief to pretend you’ve got a normal life away from the constant media circus that surrounds you. But it’s also probably even more comforting to know that when you’re bored of playing normal (because it is kind of boring), you can dial your driver and be whisked away in a blacked-out, fancy-as-anything town car. 

Also, Swiftie loves selfies!

Seriously, what else are you going to do in jury duty anyway?

taylor swift at jury duty

Here’s Tay having a pretty normal and humble conversation with her fellow jurors. They’re all stuck in it together, right?

So, maybe Taylor Swift isn’t totally normal, but we have to commend her for following through with jury duty. If we were her, we’d do anything to get out of it (but maybe not anymore because Tay-tay might be there to hangout with us!). Olivia Benson would be very proud.

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