Taylor Swift Is The Highest Paid Woman In Music By A Landslide

Taylor Swift

No one can touch Taylor Swift, even in their “wildest dreams.” The singer has topped Forbes’ 2016 list of the highest paid women in music and won the title by a landslide. Swift brought in a whopping $170 million, which is double the earnings of Adele, who currently holds the number two spot with $80.5 million.

It might seem unsurprising that Swifty took the lead because she topped Forbes’ list of highest paid celebs, but she actually hasn’t held the number one spot before this year. Last year went to Katy Perry who pulled in $135 million with her Prismatic World Tour. Most of Swift’s earnings can be attributed to her star-studded 1989 World Tour, which broke Rolling Stone’s earning records. Couple that with over 3 million album sales and deals with major brands like Apple, Keds and Diet Coke, and Swift has raked in a career best.

Swift doubled the earnings of Adele, who came in second place. Unlike the other musician’s on the list, most of Adele’s revenue comes from album sales. 25, the singer’s most recent album, is the best selling record of 2015. Imagine how much more Adele could make if she went on a massive world tour like Swift? 

Katy Perry who held 2015’s crown has fallen quite a few spots this year. The singer is currently at number six with $41 million in earnings (which makes sense because things have been super quiet for her). 

Check out the top 10 below. Are you surprised by any of the stats?

1. Taylor Swift — $170 million
2. Adele — $80.5 million
3. Madonna — $76.5 million
4. Rihanna — $75 million
5. Beyoncé — $54 million
6. Katy Perry — $41 million
7. Jennifer Lopez — $39.5 million
8. Britney Spears — $30.5 million
9. Shania Twain — $27.5 million
10. Céline Dion — $27 million

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