Crazy Alert! Desperate Fan Swims 2 Miles to Taylor Swift’s Beach House

Credit: Andy Athineos/INF Photo

Taylor Swift has some hopelessly devoted fans. Sometimes they tattoo her signature on their necks. Sometimes they ferociously attack beloved stars like Michael J. Fox, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler on her behalf. And sometimes they’re so determined to get near the 23-year-old that they will swim to her house. Yes, that’s right — swim.

One obsessed fan was arrested in the wee hours on Wednesday morning for swimming nearly two miles up to Swift’s Rhode Island beach house in hopes of meeting the country superstar, TMZ reports. This was no quick dip in the ocean, this man was determined.

Law enforcement reveals that a 22-year-old super fan was taken into to custody for trespassing after he admitted that he swam the long distance in the freezing Atlantic in hopes of just seeing Swifty. Dude, that’s not exactly what Finding Nemo’s Dory’s meant by “Just keep swimming!” 

However, when the Chicago native saw that the shores of the singer’s beach bungalow were guarded by her security team, he turned his little flippers around and swam right into views of curious policemen. The man was placed under arrest and taken to a nearby police station where he was booked for tresspassing.

Swift has not released a comment about the mermaid-esque mayhem, but we can imagine that this will not be the first time a stalker will attempt an unconventional form of approach. Here’s a challenge for the next Swift-obsessed fan: how about a parachute into her backyard?

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