Ted Kantrow


Casting (1)

A Murder of Crows 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)

Location Casting
Other (14)

Dark Places 2015 (Movie)

Location Catering (Catering)

Mississippi Grind 2015 (Movie)

(Location Gourmet) (Catering)

Black or White 2014 (Movie)

Caterer(Location Gourmet) (Catering)

The Bag Man 2014 (Movie)

Caterer(Location Gourmet Catering) (Catering)

Shark Night 3D 2011 (Movie)

Caterer(Location Gourmet, Inc) (Catering)

I Love You Phillip Morris 2010 (Movie)

Caterer (Catering)

Youth in Revolt 2010 (Movie)

Catering Provider(Location Gourmet/Additional Photography) (Catering)

Factory Girl 2006 (Movie)

Caterer (Catering)

Crossroads 2002 (Movie)

caterer(Location Catering Service/Louisiana) (Catering)

Waiting for Guffman 1997 (Movie)

caterer(Local Catering--New Orleans) (Catering)

Heaven's Prisoners 1996 (Movie)

caterer (Catering)

The Chase 1994 (Movie)

location catering (Catering)

Tune in Tomorrow... 1990 (Movie)

caterer(New Orleans) (Catering)

A Perfect Day (TV Show)