Ted North

Born: 10/03/1916


Actor (12)

Margin For Error 1942 (Movie)

Saboteur (Actor)

Chad Hanna (Movie)

Fred Shepley (Actor)

Charlie Chan in Rio (Movie)

Clark Denton (Actor)

Men on Her Mind (Movie)

Jim Lacey (Actor)

My Gal Sal (Movie)

Sally's Friend (Actor)

Roxie Hart (Movie)

Stuart Chapman (Actor)

Syncopation (Movie)

Paul Porter (Actor)

The Devil Thumbs a Ride (Movie)

Jimmy "Fergie" Ferguson (Actor)

The Unsuspected (Movie)

Steven Francis Howard (Actor)

Thunder Birds (Movie)

Cadet Hackzell (Actor)

To the Shores of Tripoli (Movie)

Bill Grady (Actor)

Young People (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)