Ted Nugent Meeting with Secret Service: ‘I’ve Never Threatened Anybody’s Life’

ALTHas Ted Nugent’s mouth — and politics — gotten him in trouble again? After his controversial, seemingly threatening remarks at the NRA convention about President Obama, Nugent now has a meeting scheduled with the Secret Service. “We actually have heard from the Secret Service,” the 63-year-old musician said on Glenn Beck’s radio show Wednesday. “They have a duty, and I salute them. I support them. And I’m looking forward to our meeting [Thursday]. I’m sure it will be a fine gathering backstage in Oklahoma.”

Even though Nugent stated at the NRA convention that he will either be “dead or in jail by this time next year” if Obama gets reelected, he now claims that he never threatened anyone. “The bottom line is, Glenn, I’ve never threatened anybody’s life in my life,” Nugent said. “I don’t threaten. I don’t waste breath threatening. I just conduct myself as a dedicated We-the-People activist because I have saluted too many flag-draped coffins to not appreciate where the freedom comes from. The Nugent family is a totally non-violent, peace-and-love, rock-n’-roll, working-hard, playing-hard American family.”

According to Nugent, Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid are responsible for his Secret Service meeting. “The Secret Service, when they’re told to investigate even silly things that couldn’t possibly be construed as any type of threat whatsoever — I respect their duty to investigate,” Nugent explained. “If it wasn’t for my Federal government, my life would be perfect.”

Watch/listen to Nugent’s phone interview with Glenn Beck below.



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