Teen Asks Justin Bieber To Be Prom Date On YouTube

Marines may be trying to get all the Hollywood stars to their Marine Corps Ball, but that doesn’t mean high schoolers don’t want a piece of that celebrity pie.  Cady Eimer, a teenager from a small town in Virginia, is hoping Justin Bieber will show a little love in her teenie-bopper direction and take her to the prom for her senior year of high school.  A message on Cady’s website titled One Less Lonely Prom reads, “All she wants from her senior year (2011-2012. She is currently a junior) in high school is to take her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber, to her last prom.”  Someone certainly has a massive case of Bieber Fever.

You have to give the girl credit, she’s going all out with this.  Not only did she create a website to help the cause, but she has a Twitter you can follow to show support and made a YouTube video where the teen and her friend plead to the Biebster to come to prom in the form of a rap they made up (while wearing Kanye-like shades might I add).  Cady raps, “I like you for you, so your mom would approve,” but neglects to mention one tiny speed bump in this plan: his current girlfriend Selena Gomez.  Not sure how she would feel about this little prom campaign.  So far Bieber has yet to respond to the request.  So everyone else in the world can wait with baited breath to see if the Canadian heartthrob takes young Cady up on her offer to prom.  Meanwhile, I’m going to go cross my fingers and pray that the web won’t be swarmed with copycat prom invites for celebs because this is just getting ridiculous.  Check out the video below:

Source: Huffington Post