Tequila Calls Cops After Stalker’s Death Threats

Reality TV star/model Tila Tequila has called in police after the crazed stalker who wrecked her house also threatened to murder her.

The pin-up fled her home in West Hollywood, California, on Monday after she returned from a friend’s barbecue to discover that a burglar had smashed up her living room and locked her dog Onyx in the trunk of her car.

And the bisexual beauty was left terrified when a sinister stalker she suspects of carrying out the break-in later contacted her and made death threats.

Now she has called in cops in a bid to press charges of burglary, blackmail and making threats to kill.

In a series of postings on Twitter.com, Tequila writes: “Update on assault! Ok so i am about to press charges against this person who is making death threats and blackmail towards me. I know who… this person, after all this s**t i went through last night, has just contacted me and asked me if I’m ready to die! threatening to kill me!!

“Police is now here…..filing a report now….what a day…i am so exhausted……thank you for all your support on here…i do need it now… I have officially filed 2 police reports! 1) burglary 2) death threats and blackmail!

“ps-and oh yes…Onyx is doing fine now….She was pretty stressed when I found her, but I kept kissing her and loving her back to normal.”

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