Terence Stamp

Actor, Director
Named by Empire Magazine in 1995 as one of the 100 Sexiest Film Stars of All Time, British actor Terence Stamp typically found himself cast as urbane, sophisticated bad guys throughout his career. Breaking into ... Read more »
Born: 07/22/1938 in East London, England, GB


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Unfinished Song 2013 (Movie)

("How Do You Speak To An Angel") (Song Performer)

The Limey 1999 (Movie)

("Colours") (Song Performer)

Black Out 1976 (Movie)



Named by Empire Magazine in 1995 as one of the 100 Sexiest Film Stars of All Time, British actor Terence Stamp typically found himself cast as urbane, sophisticated bad guys throughout his career. Breaking into show business in the early 1960s, Stamp landed his first leading role at the age of 23 in "Billy Budd" (1962), the acclaimed adaptation of Herman Melville's dense novella. An icon of British cinema's wave of "angry young men," Stamp's portrayals - like those of his contemporaries Oliver Reed, Michael Caine and Albert Finney - inhabited shades of gray, walking the line between traditional protagonists and flawed anti-heroes. After his breathtaking early success, however, Stamp's career entered into a significant slump in the late 60s. But later Stamp emerged after a nearly decade-long sabbatical to play the megalomaniacal super-villain General Zod in "Superman: The Movie" (1978) and its sequel, "Superman II" (1980). Ever since, Stamp managed to turn himself into a respected character actor, consistently remaining busy at an age when most actors contemplate retirement.


Ethel Stamp


Brigitte Bardot Actor

Had relationship in the 1960s

Julie Christie Actor

Had relationship in 1960s No longer together

Elizabeth O'Rourke

Eurasian raised in Singapore before moving to Australia in her early 20s met during the mid-1990s at a pharmacy in Bondi, New South Wales married December 31, 2003, when she was 29-years old divorced on the grounds of his unreasonable behaviour in April 2008

Jean Shrimpton

Had relationship in the 1960s

Christopher Stamp Assistant Director

Born c. 1942; credited with helping to bring The Who to prominence during 1960s Died of cancer Nov. 24, 2012

Thomas Stamp



Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

Won a drama scholarship; attended for one year



Cast in the feature adaptation of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry's 1960s spy parody series, "Get Smart"


Played a devout Mormon full of vengeance in "September Dawn"


Appeared opposite Jennifer Garner in "Elektra," a spin-off of the popular "Daredevil"


Co-starred with Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid in "My Boss' Daughter"


Voiced Clark Kent's father, Jor-El, in the WB\CW series "Smallville"


Cast opposite Val Kilmer and Carrie-Anne Moss in the sci fi thriller "Red Planet"


Starred as Chancellor Finis Valorum in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace"


Played a British ex-con in Steven Soderbergh's The Limey


Won acclaim for his portrayal of a transsexual in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"


Screen directing debut, "Stranger in the House"


Portrayed Gekko's rival, corporate raider Sir Lawrence Wildman in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street"


Published autobiography, Stamp Album


Played an art dealer in Ivan Reitman's "Legal Eagles"


Co-starred in Stephen Frears' "The Hit"


Reprised role of Zod in "Superman II"


Originated the role of General Zod in Richard Donner's "Superman"


Cast in Alan Cooke's "The Mind of Mr. Soames"


Starred in Federico Fellini's "Toby Dammit," a 50-minute portion of the Edgar Allan Poe "Histoires extraordinaires"


Appeared in Ken Loach's first feature "Poor Cow"


Co-starred with Julie Christie in John Schlesinger's adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "Far From The Madding Crowd"


Broadway debut, "Alfie"


Starred in William Wyler's adaptation of John Fowles' "The Collector"


Made film debut in Peter Ustinov's adaptation of "Billy Budd"; earned an Academy Award nomination

Joined Wanstead Club as assistant professional golfer at age 16

Took over role as Whittaker in touring version of "Long Short and the Tall"

London stage debut in "A Trip to the Castle"

Assistant stage manager with various repertory companies in South Moulton and Devon

Bonus Trivia


He was awarded the Grande Medaille de Vermeil by French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac (1985)


Stamp was considered for the title role of "Alfie" (1966), but turned it down. The role went to Michael Caine, who shared a flat with Stamp in the early days of their career.