Terry Claybon


Actor (3)

Southpaw 2015 (Movie)

Billy Cornerman (Actor)

The Hurricane 1999 (Movie)

Emile Griffith (Actor)

Split Decisions 1988 (Movie)

Ray's Opponent (Actor)
Physical Effects (2)

Southpaw 2015 (Movie)

Fight Choreographer(to Mr. Gyllenhaal) (Stunts)

Knockout 2000 (Movie)

boxing choreography (Stunts)
Other (5)

Southpaw 2015 (Movie)

(to Mr. Gyllenhaal) (Trainer)

Invictus 2009 (Movie)

(to Mr Damon) (Trainer)

The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 (Movie)

Personal Trainer(to Mr. Damon) (Trainer)

The Human Stain 2003 (Movie)

Boxing Trainer (Instructor)

The Hurricane 1999 (Movie)

Denzel Washington's boxing trainer (Consultant)