Teru Shimada

Born: 11/17/1905 in Mito, , JP


Actor (17)

You Only Live Twice 1967 (Movie)

Mr Osato (Actor)

Walk, Don't Run 1966 (Movie)

Mr Kurawa (Actor)

The Wackiest Ship in the Army 1960 (Movie)

Major Samada (Actor)

Battle of the Coral Sea 1958 (Movie)

Commander Mori (Actor)

Battle Hymn 1957 (Movie)

Korean Official (Actor)

The Delicate Delinquent 1957 (Movie)


House of Bamboo 1955 (Movie)

Nagaya (Actor)

The Bridges at Toko-Ri 1954 (Movie)

Japanese Father (Actor)

Tokyo Joe 1949 (Movie)

Ito (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Courage (Movie)

Jiu Jitsu Man (Actor)

Four Frightened People (Movie)


Midnight Club (Movie)


Mr. Moto's Last Warning (Movie)

Fake Mr. Moto (Actor)

Murder at the Vanities (Movie)


Oil for the Lamps of China (Movie)

Japanese Proprietor (Actor)

Revolt of the Zombies (Movie)

Buna (Actor)

The White Legion (Movie)

Dr. Nogi (Actor)