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Nightmare Before Christmas

It is yet undetermined if anyone really knows what “boughs of holly” are, but rest assured, they were made for decking. More than any other holiday does Christmas warrant elaborate adornment. That means perfecting the big: fancy, obnoxious light displays. But it also means mastering the small: the understated art of the Christmas ornament. Many celebrators will drape their trees with the old classics: colorful spheres, angelic figurines, pictures of family members. But some people — those with very specific pop culture obsessions — will opt for a stranger wave of accessorizing.

We’ve gathered some of the most peculiar pop culture-inspired Christmas ornaments we could find lurking around the vast cosmos of the Internet. Check out the gallery, and maybe open your mind to some last minute additions to the ol’ tree.

10 Weirdest Pop Culture Christmas Ornaments

[Photo Credit: Disney]


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