The 5 Most Ridiculous Christmas Light Displays


It’s Christmas time… which means some of your neighbors have had lights up on their houses since Thanksgiving (and won’t take theirs down for months after, either…). While many of these displays can be an eyesore, others are quite creative and a wonder to behold. We rounded up some of the most ridiculous, craziest, most creative (and in some cases, the most humorously unsuccessful) Christmas light displays we could find. Just imagine if you lived across the street from one of these festive houses!

Unfortunate Implications


What was intended as a festive palm tree ended up as a true XXX-mas holiday display! We sincerely hope this house corrected their phallic-looking tree before the children saw it…

Not Even Trying


When you know you can’t compete with a neighbor’s ridiculously detailed display, sometimes all you need is one word: Ditto.

And then there are some families that take their house decorations to a whole new level. Check out these Christmas light displays that are actually interactive!

There’s an App for That

This Angry Birds themed house is accurate, and looks like so much fun to play:

A Meme Come True

Remember that crazy infectious “Hamster Dance” song? Pair that with some synchronized lights, and you’ve got yourself a dazzling display:

And the Winner Is…

The champion of outstanding, creative, amazing Christmas light displays goes to the 2012 Cadger Christmas Lights House Show. Ranging from hip-hop, rock and roll, classical, dubstep, and even Weird Al Yankovic and the Looney Tunes theme song, with quotes from classic Christmas movies, this 12-minute-long show is in a class of its own:

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