‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Break Up

brad womack and emily maynardIt appears The Bachelor star, Brad Womack, will be remaining a bachelor for a little while longer.  Womack and his chosen gal, Emily Maynard, have decided to call it quits.  A teary-eyed Maynard states to People magazine, “We’re no longer engaged,” right after taping an interview with The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, that is scheduled to air during The Bachelorette’s July 11 episode.  This single mom from North Carolina decided to come clean about her relationship status with Womack to hopefully end “all the media speculation,” so she and her daughter, Ricki, can move on with their lives.  Granted, it was her decision to be in the public eye in the first place by participating in the show, but I suppose that’s irrelevant. 

Womack is not shirking any of the blame and states that, “the demise of our relationship was completely my fault.”  That’s sweet that he’s not pointing the finger at her.  Perhaps he’s hoping to earn a comeback on The Bachelor: Round 3.  Maynard disagrees, however, claiming that there’s still a great deal of love between the two of them, but “just because we love each other doesn’t mean we’re right for each other.”  The couple has been together since the finale in March, but I’m sure they gave it their best shot during their extensive 4 month relationship.  Besides, I thought the whole point of the show was to find someone that was right for you.  Irrelevant again I suppose.  If any more of these reality relationships continue to end, I’m going to start thinking that these shows don’t actually work.

Source: People