Ciara’s 5 Best Instagram Videos

Ciara, InstagramInstagram

If you’ve been Instagram-stalking Ciara like some of us, you’ve probably been having a grand ol’ time checking out her fabulous maternity fashion. Well, the singer/dancer is getting ready to pop soon, so the maternity wear is on its way out. But her Instagram account will still be one of the coolest places to hang out. One thing that we really appreciate is that Ciara has been sharing these awesome videos, many of them throwbacks to the days of old. Don’t worry Ciara. You’ll get those abs back in no time. Here are five of the best Instagram videos from Ciara’s account.

The Ciara Matrix

Because the “Like a Boy” video will never, ever get old.

Parisian Car Party

The black hat, the wavy hair, the goofy friends. Ciara’s living the dream. 

Impromptu Dance Party

Pretty sure she just did the cabbage patch. And made it look cool. Which is no small feat, folks.

Throwback CiCi

Oh, the things this woman could do to a little black chair.

And then this happened:

Moonwalk + Baby Bump = Ciara is just the cutest! Seriously. Who does that in front of a bunch of floral arrangements? Adorbs.