The Daily Shuffle: Ashton Kutcher Blocks Journalists From His Twitter

ashton kutcher It would be an understatement to say Ashton Kutcher has received his fair share of bad press these days, what with his Twitter ramblings and cheating scandals never in short supply. But the actor is taking preventative measures to stop that from happening again by blocking journalists from following him on Twitter. Star’s Editor-in-Chief and Radar’s Senior Executive Editor have already been victim to the un-following breach, along with several other entertainment journalists in the industry. You see, because if the press doesn’t follow his tweets, then they’ll have nothing to write about, and if they have nothing to write about then he’ll no longer be portrayed in a negative light. It’s a genius idea, right? Not quite, since there’s still one small glitch in the plan: all these journalists can just make decoy Twitter accounts and follow him that way. Sorry, @aplusk, but if you don’t want people to really know what you’re up to then just don’t tweet about it. Plain and simple. – Radar

Sorry to put you in a not-so gleeful mood, but sources have confirmed to Us Weekly that Glee’s Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts have split after being together for nine months. As for what exactly went wrong, an insider explained, “They’re both young kids, they had crushes on each other but the relationship ran its course,” adding that Roberts “isn’t and wasn’t looking for a serious thing.” Man, it’s only January and 2012 is already getting hit hard with these never-ending celeb breakups. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to stop believing in Hollywood relationships altogether. (I’m just kidding, that will never happen.) – Us

Adding further insight to her weekly iVillage blog post, Katherine Heigl is now slamming Lifetime’s popular reality series Dance Moms for sending inappropriate messages to young girls – alright, she’s kind of got a point on this one. She writes, “I watched with open-mouthed amazement as girls as young as seven were encouraged to dress provocatively and shimmy around a stage doing a dance performance that could just as easily been a burlesque routine.” The actress additionally commented, “I kept thinking all these girls were missing is a pole! I was also horrified by the way their instructor spoke to them when she felt they weren’t up to snuff. It was demeaning, belittling, and downright unkind.” Welcome to the joys of reality television, Heigl! – iVillage