The Daily Shuffle: Bristol Palin Earned $262K For Abstinence Talks

bristol palinA research firm, GuideStar, posted information online that said Bristol Palin earned $262,500 as The Candie’s Foundation spokesperson. She was appointed the position in 2009, and was to be part of the company’s initiative to “educate America’s youth about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy through celebrity PSA campaigns and initiatives.” However, a closer look at The Candie’s taxes show they spend much more of their money on getting celebrity endorsements as opposed to spreading a message of the harms of teen pregnancy. More specifically, out of their $2,217,768 in assets, only $35,000 went to other anti-teen pregnancy campaigns ($25,000 went to the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, and $10,000 went to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy). Furthermore, in the company’s own tax document, it says “the organization has no procedures in place for monitoring the use of grant funds.” – AP, Jezebel, Scribd

Busy Bee Ryan Seacrest has been given the Number 1 spot on The Hollywood Reporter’s Reality Power List. He finally beat out Simon Cowell, who held the top spot in 2009 and 2010, and here’s how the rankings were figured out: you had to have “a reputation for quality and innovation within the business; the indelible mark one makes on his or her shows as overseeing executive, producer or talent; ones overall impact on pop culture, and the “watercooler” factor: ones ability to create dramatic, comedic and can’t miss TV moments.” – THR

On Tuesday night, Charlie Sheen was in Cleveland on his tour and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. But he kind of cheated, because he said he had a fondness for the Cleveland Indians because he played a Cleveland Indians player in Major League, and he expressed an interest to the audience in starring in Major League 3 and that it should be filmed in Cleveland. – People