The Daily Shuffle: Demi Moore Checked Herself Into Rehab

demi mooreAfter her hospitalization on January 23, E! News has now learned that Demi Moore has in fact checked herself the Cirque Lodge addiction treatment center in Sundance, Utah to get help for her addiction to — well we’re still not exactly sure (Whip Its, Red Bull, who knows for sure?). But whatever it is, she’s finally getting some help for it. According to a rehab source, the actress is on “total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people,” so don’t expect to be seeing her out and about anytime soon. The odd thing is that Moore is said to have entered the facility the week following her initial hospitalization, meaning she’s been at the rehab center for a week now and we’re only just learning about it. Paparazzi stalking just isn’t what it used to be, I guess. But let’s hope Moore is now on the road to a permanent recovery. – E!

Although her divorce hasn’t been finalized just yet, reports claim Katy Perry is making a play at Tim Tebow. The singer gave a shout-out to the Denver Broncos quarterback during her pre-Super Bowl performance Saturday night in Indianapolis, dedicating her song “Peacock” to him personally. Kind of a promiscuous song for a minister’s son, but that didn’t stop Perry from also singling him out at the NFL Honors ceremony, saying, “Hey Tim, my parents say hi,” making reference to the fact that her parents (also ministers) have mentioned in the past that the two of them would make a good match. You’ve got to love parents and their match-making tactics. Additionally, a source also revealed that Perry just so happened to have a suite right next to Tebow’s for the Super Bowl game. Coincidence? – E!

Last week, rumors started to surface, claiming Kim Kardashian was looking to date Mark Sanchez and possibly even Tim Tibow, however, sources close to the reality star are speaking out to say that Kim never wants to date football players ever again, all thanks to Reggie Bush. Apparently, her break up with Bush was so tough on her that she’s sworn off NFL players entirely. And given everything that happened between her and Kris Humphries, I’d say she’s probably going to take a break from basketball players as well. But, of course, that still leaves baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, and golf up for grabs. Look out, men! – TMZ