The Daily Shuffle: Elisabetta Canalis Says George Clooney Was ‘Like A Father’

george clooney and elisabetta canalisElisabetta Canalis has finally opened up about her relationship with George Clooney, but in a very weird way. The Italian model spoke candidly about the former romance to broadcaster Bruno Vespa in his new book This Love, stating, “[George] was a very special person for me — like a father.” She goes on to say that, “With George it was more of a father-daughter relationship. It was a great love and it was like living a fairy tale. George is a real gentleman even with his private life. I was very well respected as a partner.” Those sentences feel wrong on so many levels. I’m sure Freud is nodding his head in agreement because this only further proves his whole “girls want to marry their father” theory is in fact correct. I have a hard time believing any woman could view this silver fox in a fatherly way, but people deal with break ups in many different ways, so I guess this is one way to handle it. – US

Remember how much scrutiny Lindsay Lohan received on the red carpet a few weeks ago for flashing a set of gross, yellow teeth and diseased-looking gums? Well she recently had some dental work done and decided to share her new dazzling smile via Twitter on Saturday, saying, “Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom…My gums are so sore though! She was also nice enough to include a picture. For us non-dentist folk, Zoom! is a whitening gel used by cosmetic dentists and it appears that Dr. Dorfman is the best in the business because her teeth actually look human again. Is this the start of a new and improved Lindsay? Maybe this new smile will help her in her next court appearance on Wednesday. – Radar

Ricki Lake recently admitted that Dancing With the Stars has really spiced up her sex life with future hubby Christian Evans. She confesses, “When I get home [from rehearsals], I train horizontally. [My fiancée] has noticed a difference in my stamina over the last couple of weeks.” The TV personality also mentioned that she shares a lot of information about her sex life with her dance partner, Derek Hough. Lucky him, I guess? – People