The Daily Shuffle: George Clooney Explains Ryan Gosling’s Absence From The Globes

ryan goslingWhere in the world is Ryan Gosling? Many fans (including yours truly) were sad to find the actor MIA during the Globes on Sunday night, even though he was up for an award. So, what caused our favorite heartthrob to be absent? Work, of course! George Clooney gave some hints backstage as to the whereabouts of the most high-profile no-show at the Globes saying he’s “in Thailand or something,” adding, “He’s working, I think, in Thailand. He wrote me a nice letter, an email, this morning. You know, he’s gotta work, he’s gotta earn a living, he’s a struggling actor.” I just hope this isn’t foreshadowing the fact that he won’t be around to make it to the Oscars either (that is, if he gets nominated). Two missed opportunities to see Gosling in a tuxedo is almost too much to bear. – People

It seems Kelsey Grammer has much to celebrate about as of late. Not only did he just nab a Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role on Boss, but he also announced that he and his wife, Kayte Walsh, are expecting twins! Grammer was more than happy to talk about the exciting news and told reporters backstage at the Golden Globe Awards that, “I’m really looking forward to meeting these new arrivals. Fatherhood’s always different, based upon the character that comes into your life. They arrive and tell you what you have to do.” Of course, he had just as many nice things to say about the mother of his upcoming children, saying, “[Kayte is] extraordinary. She’s one of the most loving, amazing, warm human beings I’ve ever met. She’s funny and serious all at the same time. She’s an amazing person and I think she’ll blow [the kids] away.” Just remember, double the babies means double the diapers. I hope they’re ready. Congratulations to the parents-to-be! – People

Although there were many noteworthy moments at this year’s Golden Globes, one incident that had everyone reaching for the replay button was when Meryl Streep was bleeped while accepting the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, for her work in The Iron Lady. That’s right America, our dear Meryl – the epitome of sophistication and grace – let out the S-word after realizing her forgot her glasses and therefore wouldn’t be able to read her pre-written acceptance speech. That means she got just as many bleeps as the host Ricky Gervais! I think it’s safe to say no one predicted that would ever happen, but it was actually pretty hilarious. So what did Meryl have to say for herself? She told reporters backstage, “I can’t believe I said ‘sh-t on TV. I had such a good speech and I couldn’t see it. Even if you held it in the front row, I couldn’t read it because I left my glasses at the table.” Maybe someday Meryl will do something to make us not love her quite so much, but for now let the Streep adoration continue! – US