The Daily Shuffle: Halle Berry Accuses Gabriel Aubry of Child Neglect

halle berryYesterday, Halle Berry appeared in family court and stated that her daughter Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry, violated their custody agreement by putting the child at risk. TMZ said Halle was concerned for her daughter’s safety while in custody of Gabriel and that there was one incident where he “neglected” her, but sources present at the hearing would not reveal how, specifically, Aubry subjected Nahla to harm. – TMZ

Eva Mendes and Jason Sudeikis are supposedly an item now. The two were spotted on a “double date” with Jason Bateman and his wife at L’Artusi in NYC last Friday. And someone overheard Sudeikis tell Mendes (when they had all gone outside for a cigarette break), “we’re a great team!” So obviously they’re sleeping together, because the wind isn’t very mighty at night this time of year so it’s not like Sudeikis said it after huddling over Mendez’s lighter and helping her light her cigarette. – Showbiz

Pippa Middleton was spotted at Wimbleton and sitting next to her ex-boyfriend, Alex Loudon, today. It’s weird though, because it was reported that they broke up in June after attending the Royal Wedding together, when it became clear that it was going to be very hard for Pippa to maintain a personal life. And so now they’re dressing up and watching tennis together, which I guess is the most completely private activity ever? – People