The Daily Shuffle: Hilary Duff Is Having A Boy

hilary duffHilary Duff will be on today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she’ll announce that she’s having a boy. She told Ellen, “I haven’t told anyone yet. I wanted to tell you first. I just found out. It’s a boy! I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time.” Hilary also confirmed that she’s a little over four months into her pregnancy. – Us

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to see a psychologist every week by Judge Stephanie Sautner when she was sentenced last May for stealing that stupid $2,500 necklace, but now it’s been revealed that Lindsay hasn’t been taking her therapy requirement seriously. Lindsay claims she hasn’t been keeping up to date on her appointments because she’s been working out of the country, but Sautner was careful to explain in May that her work wasn’t going to be counted as an excuse to miss therapy. Technically, her mandatory therapy sessions were a part of her parole agreement, so the fact that she’s been missing them means she’s violated her parole and she could even be sent back to jail. – TMZ

Kim Kardashian went to Dubai to promote her new fragrance at a Sephora there and to celebrate the opening of the first Millions of Milkshakes location that’s not in the U.S., but she also found some time to get fitted for a burqa and express an interest in niqabs, which are the robes women wear that cover their entire bodies except for a slit to see through. You know, because Kim has always expressed a supreme interest in being demure. – E!