The Daily Shuffle: Hugh Hefner Ordered Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playboy’ Reshoot

hugh hefnerContact Music revealed Lindsay Lohan had to re-shoot her Playboy cover because Hugh Hefner himself was dissatisfied with the first round of photos. Hefner himself confirmed that he ordered Lindsay to do another round of shots because he didn’t think the pictures weren’t as impressive as they should be, and explained that it wasn’t Lindsay’s idea to impersonate Marilyn Monroe. He told E! News, “The pictorial and the concept for the pictorial came from me. She had done semi-nudes before. I wanted to do something that would be memorable. So what is more natural, since she is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, than (to) do something that is a tribute to the red-velvet, Tom Kelley photo shot of Marilyn Monroe that was our very first Playmate?” He also added that he felt a bit of resistance from Lindsay’s camp about the nudity component of the spread, saying “I think it was essentially mama and the folks around her that kept pushing for less nudity. And I said, ‘We’re doing a nude pictorial here. We’re going to do it in a very classy way and we’re going to do it in a way in which it will not be forgotten.'”- Contact Music

Jennifer Aniston recently spoke to InStyle, and she addressed some of the ways she’s aging. She said, “I’ve started getting those little sun spots. Things are beginning to pop out. Even the texture [of my skin] is changing. So I’ve recently started zapping the spots and getting spray tans whenever I can. And I’ve graduated to using SPF 60 sunblock when I’m on the beach.” She also talked a little bit about plastic surgery, and remarked “People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t. I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope. All that cosmetic stuff looks ridiculous on me.” And as normal as her mindset sounds, Aniston didn’t always used to be this casual about her appearance. In fact, she told the magazine she used to keep a scissors in her car so she could trim whatever split ends she had. But that kind of behavior has since stopped, and now her beauty regimen is completely normal. And to prove it, she said she gets her eyelashes tinted every three weeks because she hates wearing mascara. – People

Scarlett Johansson isn’t afraid of telling people how on the set of We Bought a Zoo, Matt Damon cried “like a baby” when he had to shoot scenes with snakes. She said, “(I watched) Matt Damon cry like a baby and rock back and forth when the snakes were spread out all over the set. He was pretty terrified. He was definitely sweating a big, and maybe the sweat formed in the corner of his eye. I said, ‘Matt, these kids are practically juggling the snakes. Hold it together.'” – Hindustan Times