The Daily Shuffle: Jessica Simpson Will Marry Eric Johnson After She Gives Birth

eric johnson and jessica simpsonPeople is reporting new details on how Jessica Simpson got pregnant. They write that a source told them, “It wasn’t really something [Jessica and Eric Johnson] planned per se, but it’s also not something they were trying to avoid.” (Huhhhhhhhh?) The source also revealed that they are holding off on getting married until after the baby is born. They’re both still really committed to getting married, and were both really into making decisions about what kind of wedding they wanted…It’s just going to be at a later date now [because] they really want to enjoy this time in their lives.” – People

Justin Beiber was very careful to clarify that Selena Gomez‘s new dog is not also his dog. He said, “It’s so funny because people keep talking about this dog and I don’t even have a dog! I never got a new dog! I didn’t adopt a dog. A friend of mine did. I don’t have anything to do with the dog. I think he’s a cute dog, but he’s not my dog. I love dogs and I condone people adopting from the shelter.” So just to be clear, Selena Gomez adopted a dog and her boyfriend Justin Bieber refuses to help her take care of it, right? – E!

Bruce Willis is reportedly MEGA ULTRA ANGRY with Ashton Kutcher for cheating on Demi Moore. He’s so angry, in fact, that he’s been leaving angry voicemails for Ashton and Ashton has been avoiding them. Someone said that when Bruce finally met with Ashton face-to-face, he “went at Ashton full force, giving him no time to make excuses for his embarrassing behavior, demanding that he get his act together fast! Ashton finally broke down in tears, weeping uncontrollably as he begged for forgiveness.” – National Enquirer