The Daily Shuffle: Kat Von D Disses Herself

kat von dAfter Kat Von D stormed out of an interview with an anchor from Good Day L.A. for mentioning her split from Jesse James in the introduction to his segment that was supposed to promote her TLC show L.A. Ink, she wrote on her Facebook that she was disappointed in herself. She wrote, “Most of the time I’m good at rolling with the punches when things don’t go ‘as planned.’ But somehow, I allowed today to get the best of me. None of this happened over night and I guess most of the time it doesn’t. But we are all master of our own reality and whatever is ‘happening to me’ is no ones [sic] ‘fault’ other than my own.” – Kat Von D’s Facebook page

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton had dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Los Angeles, and they each brought their sisters. Nothing broke, nobody died, and California didn’t break off into the ocean (sadly). – Daily Mail

Lady Gaga announced yesterday that she plans to release a coffee-table book on November 22nd that will feature more than 350 photos that famed fashion photographer, Terry Richardson, took of her. Publishers Weekly reports that Jamie Raab, executive vice president of Grand Central Publishing, said “We are proud to be publishing this remarkable collaboration between Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and anticipate that it will be one of the most stunning, provocative and coveted books of the 2011 holiday season.” I wonder if upon purchase, you get a free vial of her perfume that was inspired by blood and semen. – PW