The Daily Shuffle: Kim And Kris Visit A Pastor In Minnesota

kim kardashianEven though Kim Kardashian filed papers to divorce Kris Humphries on October 31st, she was seen this weekend in Minnesota with Kris visiting with the pastor, Joel Johnson, who married them. Sources report it was to inform Johnson they were splitting up, and Kim and Kris probably decided to break the news to him in person because he’s known Kris since he was a child. This was the first time Kim had seen Kris since she announced she was going to divorce him and he was shocked about it. Let’s just hope Pastor Johnson didn’t try and convince the two of them to stay married, because then heaps of journalism will have gone to waste and you do not want to see what will happen when writers have to go back to writing about unemployment percentages.  – Fox News

Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough have split up according to infinite wisdom himself, Perez Hilton. A source close to Lauren claims she “had fun with Derek, but she always kept her options open.” For what, exactly? A guy who isn’t a dancer and who isn’t charming and who can’t re-create any scene out of West Side Story? Is she kidding me with this?!?!?! – Perez Hilton

Mel Gibson was spotted making out with Azita Ghanizada, who is apparently on this show called Alphas. Ghanizada’s representative told TMZ that they were not on a date, so you know — cool? – TMZ