The Daily Shuffle: Kim Kardashian Plans to Sue

kim kardashianKim Kardashian plans to sue In Touch Magazine, for saying that she’s already cheated on her fiance, Kris Humphries. She wrote a long post on her blog about how she never met the guy In Touch claims she’s been sleeping with, and that she’s never sent him any text messages, and that she doesn’t even know him. She said, “This guy should be ashamed of himself. Calling up a magazine and making up an entirely fake story just to get attention!?!?! It’s just shameful and this guy should feel ashamed and humiliated….I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…don’t believe everything you read.” – Kim Kardashian

Sales of Lady Gaga’s album, Born This Way, have taken a nosedive. It has dropped 84% since it debuted and sold 1.1 million copies, as it only sold 174,000 copies this week. However, Rolling Stone still puts the album in the top spot on Billboard charts. Um, I kinda think this is because everyone already owns it and the only people who don’t are Sky Captains and the World of Tomorrow. – Celebrity Cafe

Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is reportedly pregnant. Gawker says that Weiner has been telling associates that Abedin is about three months into her pregnancy, and a source indicated the couple had been trying to conceive. Additionally, they have put their two-bedroom apartment in Queens up for sale — which actually shows that Weiner is even MORE of a multitasker than we thought he was when we learned he was just sexting people. Think about how hard it is to sext without anyone knowing about it, while you’re trying to get your wife pregnant, WHILE YOU’RE PUTTING YOUR HOUSE UP FOR SALE. I’m sorry, but this guy is working really hard. Recognize. – Gawker