The Daily Shuffle: Kim Kardashian Voted Most Annoying Celebrity

kim kardashianParade Magazine teamed up with Yahoo’s omg blog and created a pop-culture poll about various pop-culture related topics, and one of the questions asked who the most annoying celebrity was. And it’s somewhat not a surprise that Kim Kardashian earned the coveted title after stealing 29% of the vote. She beat out Snooki, Donald Trump, and The Bachelor’s Brad Womack for the prestige, and it’s kind of disappointing that her mom didn’t receive the honor. – Today

Nancy Grace has revealed that she’s already lost 10 pounds from competing on Dancing with the Stars. She calls it the “I’m-too-tired-to-eat-diet,” and explained, “By the time I get the children ready for school, then practice and then home, I’m like exhausted.” She also added that dancing is actually quite different from a murder trial. On how the two compare, she said about dancing, “My nerves are much, much worse. I’m a fish out of water on the dance floor. It’s a lot more nerve wracking than trying a murder case.” This is a bad thing, I think? Or at least not a good one? – People

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently writing an autobiography, but apparently he needs some more inspiration because he commissioned an artist to build three statues of him out of bronze (it’s so hard for me not to write “bronzer” instead of “bronze” with all the J.Shore I’ve been watching). Each statue will be about 8 feet tall and will depict Arnold doing some of his favoritest bodybuilding poses. Earlier this month, Arnold checked out the first statue in Oregon and of the work, he reportedly said, “This is fantastic” four times. – Contact Music