The Daily Shuffle: Lady Gaga Does Drag for the VMAs

lady gagaLast night’s Video Music Awards stayed true to its chaotic reputation. Let’s face it, when you get so many creative geniuses in a room together, things are going to get a little insane with all that artistic energy flying around. There was much hype as to what Lady Gaga would be wearing at the show — since wearing a dress entirely made of meat is a little hard to top — but it turned out that Gaga was MIA for the entire night. Taking her place was the singer’s alter-ego, Jo Calderone, who opened the show with a little comedy routine about “him” and Gaga before busting out moves in her latest hit single: You and I. The stunt was a little kooky, even for Gaga standards, but can I say — she was born this way. – US

It should also be noted that Kim Kardashian returned from her brief honeymoon just in time to make it to the Video Music Awards (you know she never misses a red carpet event for anything, let alone a little thing like a honeymoon). But she seemed to be missing one significant part of her — her new husband, Kris Humphries! The reality star went stag all night long, but was seen looking very happy and even got to present Justin Bieber with the Best Male Video Award. Even Kim has Bieber Fever. – US

In other non-VMA news, Kristin Cavallari has accepted an invitation to attend the Marine Corps Ball in San Diego this upcoming November. While it seems to be the protocol to invite a celeb via YouTube, this marine (Jonathan Burkett) decided to take a different approach and invite the reality star on Twitter. Burkett tweeted to Ms. Cavallari saying, “Wanted to know if you want to go the the Marine Corps Ball with me in San Diego?! Would make a video but still deployed!” Kristin quickly responded saying “Would love to! When is it?” Reports are claiming that her people are working out the details to make it happen. Why do I feel like this will start a whole new trend of celebrity Twitter invites? – TMZ