The Daily Shuffle: Leonardo DiCaprio Dumps Blake Lively

blake livelyThe British tabloid Now is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio dumped Blake Lively because his mother didn’t like her. The article quotes numerous sources, who say things like “Blake’s a total mess,” “She tried hard to impress Leo’s mum when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her,” “Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot,” and “But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.” So essentially, it sounds like Blake tried too hard to impress “mum” Irmelin and came across sounding extremely conceited. I guess now all we can do is wait for evidence to the contrary. – Now

Dawn Holland/Dawn Bradley (the Betty Ford Clinic employee who maintains Lindsay Lohan got physical when she tried to administer a breathalyzer test to her back in December) is now suing Lindsay for damaging her wrist and just, distress. Holland is planning on filing a lawsuit today that seeks $1 million in damages, since she claims she suffered “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering” after the attack. – TMZ

Fernando Flores, one of Britney Spears‘ former bodyguards is suing her for harassment and for some reason he’s deemed it necessary to tell the media how disgustingly unhygienic she is. In papers Flores filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court allege Britney continuously exposed herself to him and made sexual advances towards him. One of the documents reads, “The sexual advances were unwanted for a variety of reasons. Spears had obnoxious habits, such as chain-smoking, making her smell continually of stale tobacco. She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically and she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane. She did not bathe for days, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.” So some judge somewhere is going to have to rule whether Britney is disgusting or not? That’s a real job? – Toronto Sun