The Daily Shuffle: Lindsay Lohan Will Do Community Service At The Morgue

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan will spend 120 hours of her community service sentence doing janitorial work in the L.A. County Coroner’s facility. Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter said, “She’ll be doing basic janitorial work. She won’t be handling any dead bodies but she’ll certainly see them.” People points out that Lindsay has been to the morgue before — in 2007, she completed the DUI morgue program (the goal of which is to get people who drink and drive to see the consequences and dangers of their actions) after she was convicted of a DUI for the second time. “Make new friends, but keep the old,” everyone! – People

Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancé of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, is coming out with a book called Deer in Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs. It will be published this fall by Touchstone Publishing. On the upcoming release, Levi said “I want to tell the truth about my close relationship with the Palins. My sense of Sarah and my perplexing fall from grace — how I feel and what I’ve learned. I’m doing this for me, for my boy Tripp and for the country.” HOW THOUGHTFUL. – People

Michael Douglas spoke to Oprah about his wife’s struggle with bipolar disorder, and he was pretty upset about how the public became aware of it. “She was outed,” he said. “It takes a lot of courage to seek help and I am proud of Catherine for doing something positive about her situation. It’s onwards and upwards for us.” He also remarked about the great timing of everything and said “My eldest son is in federal prison, my ex-wife is suing me and I got cancer.” – Daily Mail