The Daily Shuffle: Miley Cyrus Blasts Rebecca Black

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus told Australia’s Daily Telegraph that, “it should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour.” That’s right, YouTube is the place for videos that have you ripping massive hits! RIGHT?! Or, or, or, or, wait. Wait wait. By that logic, you shouldn’t just be born to musicians either! – Monsters and Critics

Enrique Iglesias was supposed to go on tour with Britney Spears, but hours after we were informed of the partnership, Billboard reported that Enrique had changed his mind because he didn’t want to be perceived as Britney’s opening act, and he expected to be a co-headliner instead. Later, Billboard stated that a tour featuring both artists was still possible if Enrique would get additional box-office receipts in conjunction with his show guarantee. However, a source claims that the biggest problem was how Enrique would be perceived alongside Britney. – MTV

Kris Kardashian claims she and her daughters “work 25 hours a day.” Presumably, the 25th hour of they day is the one they talk about how strenuously they’re working the other 24, I guess. – US

A good friend of LeAnn Rimes told her that the key to a successful marriage was to argue naked. Rimes tweeted that she was “going to do that from now on, when that rarely happens.” I’m sorry, but why is this just reserved for married people? – US