The Daily Shuffle: Oksana’s Tapes Were Not Edited

Reese WitherspoonTurns out when Mel Gibson told Deadline that the tapes Oksana Grigorieva released online were edited, he might have been wrong. Actually, according to a audio forensic expert, they were not edited at all. So Mel Gibson was wrong. But TMZ made a really good point (and that is something I never thought I would write sincerely) in that the tapes could have been edited for online distribution, but the official ones in court have not been edited. - TMZ

Pictured on the right: Reese Witherspoon with her kids and her new husband enjoying an Easter Sunday service. Holy Easter Bunny it’s almost not fair how cute that family is. – People

Living internet meme Antoine Dodson (he who warned us all that they were raping e’rbody out here) was arrested over the weekend for the possession of marijuana and two traffic offenses. “Hide your bongs / Hide your bowls / They stealing e’rbody’s stash out here / We gonna smoke that.” – People

And finally, Flavor Flav is pulling his name from his Clinton, IA restaurant, Flavor Flav’s Chicken, saying his business partner was running a shady business. He claims he found expired potato salad and that employees’ checks were bouncing. Smart business decision, I’d say. Hopefully Flav’s next venture, Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor in Las Vegas (oh how I wish I were making that up), will be more successful. – TMZ