The Daily Shuffle: Paul McCartney To Wed This Weekend

paul mccartney, nancy shevellSir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell plan to get married this weekend at his farmhouse in Sussex. A source told Us Weekly, “it will be a small, intimate wedding. It’s going to be very elegant and classic.” (Is there any other kind?) The source continued that later in the year, the couple is going to have another reception in New York, where Shevell is from. – Us

Over the summer, SNL alum Darrell Hammond was in an automobile accident in Sag Harbor, and his lawyer, Melanie Little, opened up to The New York Post yesterday on her client’s condition. She said, “He suffered fractured ribs and a severe lower back injury. It affects his ability to perform. He’s in pain, and had co cancel many performances. He can’t fly and he can’t stand up.” Little filed a lawsuit this week that seeks compensation from the driver of the other car, Jose J. Mendez, and the person who was driving Hammond’s car when the accident occurred. She explained, “It’s just a formality, for insurance purposes.” – NYP

Gwyneth Paltrow has, apparently, been very involved in Beyoncé‘s pregnancy so far. Paltrow has been giving B all the tips she can think of, and a source says, “Gwyneth has known about this pregnancy for over a month and has been telling Beyoncé to drink a shot of wheatgrass each morning and to rub her belly with coconut oil to prevent stretchmarks. She’s also advised her to meditate for an hour every day and soak her feet in ice water to prevent swelling.” The source continued, “Beyoncé knows Gwyneth is just trying to show how much she cares, but her advice can be a little overwhelming.” Paltrow’s advice can be overwhelming? What about her everything? – Showbiz Spy